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“…she engages the listener by seeming to put her whole soul completely forward…after hearing her just once, you’ll never want to let her go.” – Will Friedwald, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Harms is an original”  with “a truly special voice and style… She could–and should–go a long way.” – Bob Protzman, DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

“… her renditions were stream-of-consciousness reflections by a singer reining in emotions until they exploded from within…The final impression left by Ms. Harms was of an enigmatic woman of mystery forging her own path.” –Stephen Holden, New York Times

“…Finally got around to listening to NANCY HARMS – my loss all these months – she is very good; good selection too ….. Her timbre has a delicious edge to it, and her time is very fine….”

– Award-winning NYC-based author-critic GARY GIDDINS

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